Mitsui Consultants Co., Ltd.

Project Divisions

Plan, Design, Management, Operation and Maintenance

MCC offers construction management and a range of other services to drive the completion of projects.

We strive to ensure that we always provide

  ●Technologically advanced services
  ●Services that promote national security and safety
  ●Services that encourage national growth as well as individual development
   in the target communities

  ●Environmentally-sound, sustainable solutions
  ●Feasible solutions that optimize quality while keeping costs low
  ●The full benefit of the Mitsui Group’s many world-leading capabilities


Project Divisions Outlines

Rivers, Dams and
Hydro-Structures Division

  • ■River Development Plan
  • ■Runoff Analyses on Distributed Model
  • ■Flood Simulation
  • ■River Channel Plan
  • ■Flood Warning System
  • ■Supporting Creating Hazard Map
  • ■River Construction Plan and Design
  • ■Mudslide and Sloping Land Collapse Measures
  • ■Rock Fall and Snow Slide Measures
  • ■Erosion and Torrent Control Facilities Plan and Design
  • ■River Environment Improvement Plan and Design
  • ■River Construction Study, Maintenance, Diagnoses and Reinforcement
  • ■River Ledger Creation

Bridges and Road Structures Division

  • ■Bridge Design
  • ■Road Tunnel
  • ■Road Construction, Inspection, Examination and Analyses
  • ■Road Construction, Maintenance, Load Bearing Ability Improvement, Strengthen Earthquake Resistant

Water Supply, Drainage and
Sewerage Division

  • ■Sewerage Plan
  • ■Sewerage Facility Design
  • ■Developing Sewerage Maintenance of Sewer Culvert

Roads Division

  • ■Comprehensive Urban Transportation System
  • ■Road Traffic Network Master Plan
  • ■Road Improvement Plan and Design
  • ■Road Project Prediction, Assessment and Effect Analyses
  • ■Road Information System
  • ■Underground Plan and Design

Parks and Landscaping

  • ■Landscape Design
  • ■Urban and Natural Parks Environmental Improvement
  • ■Creation and Formation of Landscape
  • ■Conservation of Historical Landscape

Urban Redevelopment Division

  • ■ Urban Re-Development
  • ■Private Sector DevelopmentSupport
  • ■Applying Various Approval andLicense Related to Development

Urban and Regional Planning Division

  • ■ Universal Design
  • ■Urban Disaster Prevention Environment Design
  • ■Environmental Education at Water Front
  • ■Regional Community Developmen

Environment and Disaster Prevention Division

  • ■Earthquake, Tsunami and Tidal Wave Prevention
  • ■Disaster Prevention Station Plan and Design
  • ■Landslide Disaster Information System
  • ■Warning and Evacuation System
  • ■Urban Disaster Prevention Plan
  • ■Disaster Prevention Parks Study
  • ■Natural Environment Study
  • ■Environmental Impact Assessment
  • ■Environmental Simulation
  • ■Biomass Usage Plan


  • ■Construction and Management Plan
  • ■Architectural Design

Ports and Airport Division

  • ■River Marina and Water Transportation Plan
  • ■Port Town Development Plan
  • ■Environmental Development of Fishery Settlement
  • ■Fishery Harbor Facilities Arrangement Plan and Design
  • ■Transport Systems at Waterfront Areas
  • ■Preliminary and Posteriori Study and Re-assessment of Port Development Project
  • ■International Site Container Terminal Plan
  • ■Pleasure Boats Facilities Plan and Design
  • ■Port Construction Design
  • ■Basic and Supplementary Airports Facilities Plan and Design

Coast Division

  • ■Coastal Disasters Forecast and Prevention
  • ■Coastal Community Zone Developmen