Mitsui Consultants Co., Ltd.

Message from the President

President Takasuke Nakano
  Takasuke Nakano

  Mitsui Consultants Co., Ltd. was established in 1965 as an independent and total engineering consulting firm, with a joint capital investment from the twenty companies of the Mitsui Group. Since its inception, our firm has strived to implement social capital projects of the highest quality, with eyes constantly set on the direction and the needs of the next generation. We are considered today one of the premier engineering consulting firms in Japan.
  In recent years, the socio-economic environment in Japan and many parts of the globe has shifted greatly, and accordingly, the diversification of values and perspectives has been significant among the stakeholders and end users. In pursuit of social capital development, the unquestioned preference for the perpetual infrastructure expansion has come to an end, and the transparency in terms of purpose, function, implementation method and financial feasibility are strongly demanded of any project. Furthermore, the maintenance and optimization of the existing infrastructure stock have become the highest priority in order to prolong longevity and to maximize value of the given infrastructure investment. In these transforming circumstances, we hold “Contribution to Society through Technical Expertise” as our basic motto. Under the banner of “MCC for Humanity and Environment”, we continuously aim to expand and deepen our accumulated consulting knowledge in engineering and environmental design through practical focus on development and acquisition of new technology. Our ultimate and shared goals are to preserve our beautiful Earth and to ensure safe, secure and prosperous lives for the people.
  On this milestone occasion, we remind ourselves that the engineering consultants must not only pursue technical excellence but also strive to nurture and sustain professional purpose and ethics, individually and as an expert group. We pledge not only to provide technical solutions of the highest order, but also to remind ourselves to stand in the shoes of the clients and end users, and to think and act with foresight for the future, in order to be a truly effective and trusted group of experts for the betterment of societies around the globe.